Friday, November 19, 2010

Reading and Recipes

This is a new feature I am trying as a twist on the typical "journal" posts. I explain it in the About This Blog section.

Reading...I usually try to finish one book before starting another one, but I had several intriguing titles come in at the same time plus I had already started one on my shelf.

The one from my shelf is a re-read, but I read it every so often to remind myself of the Biblical wife I need to be: Created to Be His Help Meet. I know it is controversial, but I agree with around 90% of the book and find that practicing those parts in my marriage has made our relationship even more wonderful than it was.

I am studying personality/temperament types again. I think it is interesting to find out why I and my children act the way we do! I am reading MotherStyles to find out about myself and Raising Your Spirited Child to find out about my children. Both are a little bit on the "psycho-babble" side, but I have found some interesting and helpful things in them. If for no other benefit, it's good to know that I and my children are not the only ones like us in the world!

An interesting side note: While waiting for the librarian to locate my copy of Raising Your Spirited Child, one of my dear children started throwing an on-the-floor fit and another of my children had to carry out the books while I carried said child out under my arm. I still don't know what the fit was about...hopefully the book will reveal it to me!

Recipe...My husband enjoys his sister's Oatmeal Cream Pies, but we don't see her often enough for him to sample them. So, after finding this recipe, I decided to give it a try. Jessica and I made up a batch of them for his birthday Monday. We left out the raisins and nuts since none of us are crazy about those in cookies. They were really delicious!

I also pulled an old recipe out of my box to try again called Hot Beef and Cheddar Subs. You can find it here.

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