Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Home Keeper's Journal: Simplicity

Simplicity means …. at peace. Calmness, gentleness. The opposite of stress and constant busyness.

I could probably simplify my kitchen by …. organizing the filing cabinet area. (Our kitchen doubles as our home office.)

My life needs simplifying in these areas …. I've cut out a lot of things, so I don't have many areas left to simplify. My home needs general organization, but I see that as a journey rather than a destination since our needs are always changing.

I tend to go overboard with .. or, I can’t seem to find a balance with...outside activities. I either spend too much time away from home or I never leave my home.

My favorite simple dinner is …. homemade pizza and salad. Or to make it really simple, I call the pizza delivery service! ;-)

My spiritual life needs simplifying especially in this area …...I get too worried about what other people are doing or not doing rather than keeping my focus on my Lord. He has helped me make great strides in this area, but sometimes an offhanded comment will set my mind buzzing, and I will have to take it back to Him.

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  1. Increible how often you read how others have the same challenge as your last one shared. I join in this struggle, trust me. And I wonder if this area was easier for the pioneer ladies since they just didn't worry about being in the home or outside the home, they were so busy surviving that what others thought or did just didn't make it's way onto the plate of "things to do today". *smile* Oh my the struggles I have read of them having, but this one I believe they missed. Have a great day growing in God. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  2. Yes, we have complicated things a lot by trying to make things easier and more "modern". I would not like to be a pioneer woman, but I think there is much to be learned from them!