Friday, August 20, 2010

God-Given Protection for Women

An elder in our church recently gave an illustration in a talk he gave at our mid-week service that caused me to start thinking. He spoke of a police officer he knows and the bullet proof vest he must wear at all times when he is on duty. In hot weather, paired with the dark uniform a police officer wears, it is very uncomfortable and not at all pleasant to wear. However, every time he dresses in his uniform and goes on duty, this police officer includes his bullet proof vest, as does every other police officer.

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Just as it would be foolish for the police officer to set aside his protective vest in favor of his comfort, it is foolish for us as women of God to set aside our protection for our own selfish pursuits and comfort.

What protection am I talking about? I know I could take this train of thought several different ways, but the protection of modesty comes to my mind. Yes, I know--highly controversial, this subject brings eye rolls and sighs of disgust from many women.

I've heard all the arguments against "extreme" modesty, yet I keep coming back to the very heart of God on this. Why would God tell us to be modest in our dress and deportment? If we truly believe He is a God that loves us and has a plan for our lives, we must submit to His will on this. He wills for us to be modest. That is actually enough of a reason. Nothing further is needed, yet God, in His great love for us has given us a glimpse through His Word of His purpose for clothing--protection.

Our clothing is not just to protect us from the elements, however. It is to protect our purity, our marriages (present and future) and our families. It is to protect the souls and minds of our fellow Christian brethren and the precious gift God has given us in our bodies from those who would exploit or cheapen them.

In light of God's plan to protect his children through modesty, why would we act disgusted and claim it is "too hot" or "too cold" to be modest? Just as the police officer who puts his personal comfort ahead of safety by refusing to wear his bullet-proof vest, when we set aside the protection modesty affords us, we open ourselves up to enemy fire. And not only ourselves, but others around us will be affected by our selfish search for comfort above spiritual safety.

I challenge you to prayerfully consider your wardrobe and ask the opinion of your husband or father. As God-given authorities, they will be an outreach of His protection for you. You will receive many blessings from dressing modestly as God ordains modesty. Some of them you may never know about here on earth, but you can rest in the security of a Father Who loves you and wants the best for your life.


  1. :) Amen! It breaks my heart to see just how many Christian women don't take modesty seriously and "unknowingly" or "uncaringly" cause their fellow Christian brothers to be tempted. To take on the attitude that it's a man's responsibility to not look is terrible. Each man is accountable for his own actions, but why in the world would you want to use your body as bait to tempt someone else? I hope more women will be able to have their eyes opened to the importance of modesty. It isn't just some small thing, it's very important to our heart attitudes and spirits!

  2. I firmly agree! Women need to dress properly and men need to learn to stop staring.

  3. Yes, Janeen--using our bodies as "bait" like you said, is just as demeaning to us as it is to the men who sin by lusting. We are beautiful creatures created in God's image! We're better than that!

    Sarah--I am amazed that I said something on which we can agree! LOL Unfortunately, sin is not something that education, or learning as you said, can correct. Only a heart change by the precious blood of Jesus can remedy lust.

  4. good article! but sadly I see more and more women losing sight of this, even in the church

  5. It is sad if we are losing sight of this in the church, since the Church is Christ's image bearer. I agree and it saddens me as well.