Monday, June 28, 2010

Marriage Challenge Week 3

This week's challenge, to pray for our husbands daily, is outlined here on the Women Living Well blog. I don't have much to add to this list. She covers a lot about praying for one's husband, including 30 things to pray about in case you can't figure out where to start!

I would add that if you decide to fast for your husband this week, that there are alternatives besides fasting food. I am pregnant and unable to fast since I'm feeding a little one, but some might be diabetic or unable to fast for different reasons. In that situation, you could choose something else to fast--like media (ouch!) or novel reading or something else that you enjoy doing. Possibly you could fast a type of food rather than food in general (why does chocolate come to my mind?).

I don't think Courtney means this as a kind of bondage or guilt trip. Most of us (I hope!) pray for our husbands anyway. These are just some additional ideas to help us be more diligent about it.

For my not-yet-married readers, go ahead and pray for your husband anyway even if he seems to be nowhere in sight! My parents prayed for my husband from the time I was born. I try to do the same for my children's mates, whoever they may be. Spend your time waiting for a husband in earnestly praying for him and for yourself that God will prepare you both for a Godly marriage.

Enjoy your marriage this week!


  1. Hi Jennifer!
    I found your blog through the Summer Marriage challenge on Women Living Well!
    Great ideas that you have posted! I recommend fasting from "shopping" would be a great alternative! You also mentioned that singles should be praying for their hubby as well! What a great reminder! So often our single sisters get forgotten! But not by Him!

  2. Great idea, Lisa! I don't enjoy shopping much (I know, I'm a weird female), so I didn't think of that, but that is an excellent idea. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jennifer - congrats on your pregnancy (if I did not already say that?)! And I love that you encouraged even the unmarried to pray for their future husband! Your husband is blessed to have a committed wife in you. Keep it up!

  4. Good call on finding other thing to fast than food! I sometimes think staying away from media would be harder than not eating.