Monday, October 19, 2009

How Much Am I Worth?

Photo by AMagill

I smile, nod and shake hands as politeness deems appropriate. People intrigue me, and meeting new people makes me want to learn all about them and to share about myself. "My name is..." "I am married to..." "I have 3 children..." Invariably, I know the question will come up. "So, what do you do?" The other person expects me to give a list of my monetary achievements or an explanation as to why I don't have any. 

I could tell them I'm a housekeeper. They make about $21,000 a year in my state. I could say I am a child care provider. This is worth $22,000 annually in my state. I could tell them I'm a cook. The going salary in my state for that position is $25,000 a year. If I told them I worked as a laundry supervisor, they could envision my $31,000 annual income. I could say I am a teacher. That job pays roughly $44,000 annually in my state. Yes, I could tell them I am worth a six-figure income of $143,000. That wouldn't really be accurate since those figures are typical of an 8-12 hour day, and I am on call for 24 hours. But how does one put that into a succinct answer?

I give the "correct" answer, "Oh, I'm a stay-at-home mom." I see the slight eyebrow raise and the pitying smile, then another question, "So you don't work?" 

It used to bother me a bit. I felt indignant, "Of course I work!" Then I felt ashamed, "I don't make any money at all except the money I save." I would be tempted to withdraw. "They are better than me since they are 'professionals'." Then, I read God's Word and saw what He said:

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. - Proverbs 31:10

Hmmm....that sounds like a little more than the salary of the woman across from me. It sounds like more than the salary I could make for the work I do should someone find it appropriate to pay me for it. The truth is what I do or what she does matters little. It is who we are that is important. Are we women of virtue, child of the King? Then even God does not calculate our worth, except to tell us that the most valuable and rarest of gems cannot even come close.

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  1. Thank you! It is so good to be reminded of that sometimes. We went to DC this weekend and it caused frustration for me to see other people who work and are "important." Someday I'll realized just how important us moms are!

  2. I love this idea don't forget Special Events Planner, Chauffeur, as children get older it is possible that you may occasionally be Judge and Jury. I feel awful that I cannot give credit where credit is due but this comment was shared with me along time ago and I printed it up and often reminds me of the worth of our calling;
    As a mother, you have a mandate from the King of kings and Lord of lords to nurture and train the children He has given you. You are not working for an earthly employer but a heavenly employer. And your career is an eternal one. Your impact not only affects today, but the generations to come and eternity.