Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prayers, Please!

Today we are traveling back from our vacation. Please pray for us in the following areas:

1. That we are able to start on our way before noon.

2. That we can travel safely.

3. That bathrooms will be plentiful on our route home.

4. That our children will catch up on all the sleep missed through the week (about 6 hours' worth).

5. That our children will be fascinated with the activities that bored them on the way there.

6. That my husband will be o.k. with cramming an 8-hour-trip into 12.

7. That my husband will realize that fast food on the road will last our children approximately 1.3678 hours.

8. That I will remember that this has been a vacation, and I am supposed to arrive home rested.

9. That we can unpack before midnight.

10. That my washing machine will not break from the strain of a week's worth of vacation laundry complete with water-logged, sand-filled outfits.

No, really, I'm serious!

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