Thursday, July 9, 2009

Song to Sing on "Those Days"

Some of my favorite music about the family comes from Deb and Dee, two sisters who have sung together since they were small. I don't think they have a website or I'd refer you to it. One of their songs is especially meaningful to me as a work-at-home mom. If you work outside the home, this is not to bash you, but you can still remember the sentiment of the song no matter how many hours you are physically with your children.

My Ministry Is You

It's so easy to look outside and feel there must be more
Than staying home with young ones playing on the floor
This world keeps telling me, "Staying home is not for you!"
But in my heart I'm learning what God wants me to do.

For this special time in my life, my ministry is you
Though so many things pull on my heart, my ministry is you
So all of this world can wait while I give myself to you
Because you only stay young for a little while
My ministry is you.

It's a privilege to love and teach you every day
Even good things are bad if they take me away
From the time I have with you to lead you in God's ways
To help you love and serve Him all of your days.

(Repeat chorus)

I know that I'm your only mother, and these days we have together are few,
So in this fleeting and precious time, my life is devoted to you.
In the end, when we stand in Heaven with our families, isn't that a greater reward than any other ministry we could have done? The flip side is, of course, that we are investing our children back into the Lord's work to do a ministry that we by ourselves could never do. Our potential to reach the world for Christ is increased by the number of children we have.

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