Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sibling Revelry

As the oldest of three, I've always felt like I had to "take care of" my younger siblings. (My brother calls me his "second mother". Maybe I took it a bit too far?) I didn't exactly plan it that way, but perhaps it started when this annoying "big girl" at church felt it was her duty to carry around my baby brother. I had waited 3 years for the privilege of bossing him protecting him and she was taking my job!

When school started, my "job" took on a new dimension. I still remember being called to the door of my 3rd grade classroom and seeing a forlorn little guy with a trembling chin. Wondering what could have possibly happened before noon on a Monday, I asked him what was wrong. His voice came in a whisper, "I forgot my lunch money!" Well, if it involves food, I'm there, so I lent him some of my stash.

Then my sister came along. Since my brother isn't that into nurturing, I had to take over for her protection, too. I got called out of class to rescue a teacher from her assault in her pre-kindergarten class (yes, you read that right!). I also got called to the office one day. Mentally checking over my recent list of misdeeds, I decided none of them were worth a trip to the office. Sure enough when I got there, I found my sister leaning over the office trash can. "Oh, she does this all the time!" I assured them. "She missed her breakfast, and she gets an upset stomach when she does that." The teachers rushed to the teacher's lounge for a doughnut, and my sister looked up long enough to give me the look.

Somewhere during high school, things changed a bit. I'm sure I was just as bossy with my siblings as ever, but I realized that maybe I needed them, too. Who knew my little brother had a sixth sense about the guys I liked or that my baby sister could help me out in social situations or with decorating? Somehow we had become best friends without any of us even thinking about it. My parents had instilled in us that friends come and go and few of them stick for life, but siblings are there for you forever.

Now, when I see my daughter bossing protecting her younger brothers, I tell her it won't be long until they'll be protecting her. Then she gives me the look as she dodges her brother's missile and rushes at him with thoughts of protection instantly fleeing from her mind. I guess some things just take time.

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  1. Hey! Do you have to tell ALL our secrets?! LOL Just kidding... We were quite the kids when we were younger were'nt we? LOL You were a good big sis though, and STILL ARE! Love Ya!