Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Links and Book Review: Siblings Edition

The best book I have read on the subject of getting siblings to get along is co-written by 3 siblings--Sarah, Stephen and Grace Mally. Titled Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, it is so refreshing and a fun read. Although mine were a little young to appreciate anything but the pictures (expertly drawn by the Mallys' dad), it's a great book to read with your kids to encourage them in building closer sibling relationships. I laughed a lot through the book, because most of it could have easily been written by my own siblings and me.

Now a few links I've found to help us inspire unity among our children:

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  1. Hey girl! I was just stopping by to read and catch up on some posts I've missed and was surprised to see this link here! Thanks chick! I really appreciate it and am enjoying reading here! Keep it up!!
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