Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Links and Book Review: Making a Home edition

One of my favorite books from my bookshelf on making your home a place unique to you and a place which you enjoy is Emilie Barnes' Simple Secrets to A Beautiful Home. It is full of practical, doable tips and, true to Emilie Barnes style, is organized in a way that you can access them when you need them. I would highly recommend this book for your home bookshelf.

Here a few links on making our home a place where the family wants to be:

Simple Mom's Using Aromas to Lift Our Moods
What not to do, Shrines of Materialism and A True Home from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home
Laura from Heavenly Homemakers tells us that she loves her home here


  1. Lady Jen,
    Thanks so much for reminding us that if we first set a goal of where we want to be, it's much easier to get there. It's so easy to do that for a road trip or the like, but we some times over look the obvious, when it comes to our every day lives. I love your blog! You and your family are lovely! Our youngest is now 19 years old and I miss those conversations with very young children. Have to get my fill at Church with the little ones. May God Bless all that you do.
    In Christ, Sharon

  2. Thanks for the book suggestion! I looked it up on Paperback Swap and was able to get it. I look forward to reading through it!