Thursday, July 30, 2009

Having a Happy Birthday for the Child AND the Parent

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I have two children's birthdays coming up in the next month. I'm a bit more "relaxed" than I used to be about these things. My firstborn had a birthday party with at least 20 people in attendance. She was cranky and so were we by the end of the day! My second child had a first birthday party with our family and two sets of grandparents around the Sunday dinner table. Who knows what will happen with Jerrod's first birthday? Maybe the five of us will meet over a bedtime snack?

If you thought this was a post full of wonderful, stress-free party tips, sorry to disappoint you. I gave you plenty of links yesterday for that. I'll let you in on my biggest party secret, though. I am actually not very fond of parties. There, I said it. Please keep it to yourself. I love to celebrate my child's growing another year older, but I don't like all the drama of hanging streamers, cooking fancy foods, making and decorating a cake and organizing games. Then there's the cleaning of the house--both before and after the decorating.

Our birthdays are rather low-key now. We usually have grandparents and aunts and uncles only to a pizza party, cake--ice cream or homemade--and gifts. That's it. I've had a few tea parties for my daughter's birthdays for a few friends at a time. That's it. No big theme parties. Just visiting with people that really love my children.

However, now my kids are getting more friends as they get older, and I know the time will come when I will have to break out the balloons, streamers and my handy Pampered Chef cake decorating kit. But for one more year, I think I'll just have party food delivered and get take out for the cake. Just remember, this is only between you and me. Please don't tell anyone else our secret!

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  1. :) My oldest is going to be 2 Aug 28th. I'm not sure what exactly we're going to do yet, but knowing me, I'll get in over my head and get stressed out. Hopefully not though! Whatever works best and makes your child feel special is perfect! (That usually doesn't include a stressed out mommy)