Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

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1. Sweet cherries. Don't laugh but the only cherries I have ever eaten up until this week are the ones that come on top of sundaes! They are actually quite good. I compare them to a cross between a grape and a plum.

2. Freshly washed, cool sheets. Ah! No need to expound on this one--you know what it's like.

3. Helpful children. Jeffery's comment after I had spent a good part of an hour vacuuming the house: "Mommy, I cleaned my booster seat for you. I dumped all the crumbs off."

4. Early mornings, late nights. I love being with my children, but I also love that hour of quiet before they get up and that hour of quiet after they go to bed!

5. Baby smiles.

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  1. I like freshly washed, cool sheets also. I would never have thought to put it in my Fave Five....that is a good one! :)
    And yes I love sweet cherries also. :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)