Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

1. Dedicated VBS workers (other than me!). My kids have had a blast at VBS this week, and this is the first year EVER that I have not helped. This week, I was one of those awful moms that dropped my kids off every night. ;-) I kind of miss interacting with all the kids, but not the extreme exhaustion. It's exhausting enough shuttling kids back and forth to church! :-)

2. My sister visiting for the week. Even though she's been busy with the VBS (the first one she's totally in charge of--and doing awesomely), it's nice to visit with her and her husband for longer than a day.

3. Working out with my daughter. We have had a blast doing exercise routines together this week. It makes it more fun for me to have someone to do it with, and she REALLY holds me accountable. :-)

4. Getting ready for school. Yes, it's officially time to think of back to school because Crayola crayons are on sale for 25 cents at WalMart! I figured out my curriculum today and need to get my notification sent in. I'm getting excited!

5. A motorcycle helmet. Yeah, seriously. This is not my typical ribbons, lace and flowers gift of choice, but it is a surprise from my man (was a surprise, but now it's not because I already know about it being a surprise...oh, never mind) and it does mean we can go on a date when I use it since my husband's bike has no side car or room for carseats. No, I will not tell you when the date is so you can follow us and laugh at me.

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  1. I still feel slightly guilty that I no longer help out with VBS. It was part of my summers for SO many years, attending as a child and working as an adult. But, alas, I've passed the baton. And not having the exhaustion from it IS nice.

    I love school supply sales! :-) Even when we don't need any more supplies.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Very cute. No more VBS for me as the kids are past that age and I couldn't handle the mayhem anymore!

  3. It's both fun and a challenge to work with children. I enjoyed VBS more when I was a kid attending it than when I conducted it as part of my job. And it's fun to recall those golden crowns we wore during VBS 'graduation' and the little party afterwards:-) Happy Friday.

  4. VBS week can be exhausting but such a blessing as well.

    I always loved getting school supplies all set for the new year.

  5. You've brought back memories of my homeschooling years. I loved choosing curriculum and you reminded me of the years I had to send in my 'intention to homeschool' notification (NOT a request for permission!).

    Good for you for exercising with your girl. Teaching her a good life time habit.

  6. It's downright scary that there are back to school stuff being sold already :0)
    It's good to have great servants to do VBS!!
    Blessings on your weekend...

  7. VBS teachers are great. My teenager always loved to volunteer as a helper. And it's okay to take a break once in awhile.

    An exercise partner is the way to go!

  8. Yes, school supplies are on sale in our neck of the woods, too! I'll be waving my daughter off on the bus before I know it. I loved working at VBS - I was craft Mom one year and prepped all the materials ahead of time - cutting, labeling, putting everything together ready for each child to assemble the crafts - it was exhausting but so worth the effort.