Thursday, June 25, 2009

Perspective and Priorities

A lost shoe. Spilled juice. Dirty diaper. Two changes of clothes. Last minute phone call. Skinned knee. Search for bandaids. Car seat that refuses to latch. Stalled traffic. Ten minute detour. Late arrival in less than good humor.

This is the story of many Sunday mornings at our house. It is also the account of what makes up a bigger portion of my life than I'd like to admit. Even more importantly, it is a list of things that I will not remember 20 years from now.

I recently made a list of my 20 year goals. They look so nice and far removed from the nitty gritty of the day-to-day. However, I know intuitively that those daily happenings are what makes up the reality of where I will be in twenty years. Somehow I have to get from here to there and the way I spend my days now dictates whether I will reach those goals that seem like lofty dreams from the perspective of spit-up-stained clothes and queries about the tooth fairy.

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I could share my schedule with you, but half of you would scoff at my lack of structure and the other half would roll your eyes with a "look how organized she is". My schedule, even if I lived by it perfectly (which I don't!), would not fit your day and situation. Regardless, the schedule, routine or to-do list is only a means to an end.

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What about you? You may be a single now, but in twenty years you may be married or involved in ministry (the career God has for you is always your ministry). What you do today will prepare you for that goal. You may be married with no children today, but in twenty years you may have children to train or you may be enjoying life serving with your husband. Your to-do list today, in part, will pave the way for those activities. If your children are small, like mine are, you may feel that you will forever be wiping noses and breaking up fights. However, my children will likely be away from home in twenty years. Are my actions today (and yours) preparing them for a life of service to God and others?

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If you stopped by today to get new insight into the perfect schedule for you, I'm afraid you've been disappointed. However, I hope I've left you with something better...deeper. The Bible says that without vision the people perish. It also says that it is appointed unto each of us to die. Life as we know it today is all too short. Let's make every moment count for eternity!

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  1. Making every moment count for eternity... Amen! So easy to forget in the day to day but so important to remember.

    This post hit me where I am. A wife and mother. A mother is nurturing an eternal soul. Our children are on loan to us from God and we are accountable to Him for how we handle His little ones. Wives must diligently pray for their husbands, respect them, encourage them and support them the way God intends for us to.

    A clean house is nice, order feels good and things do tend to run more smoothly when we are organized but we can't forget the eternal things - the treasures stored up in heaven vs. earth.