Friday, June 26, 2009

Celebrating 6 months and Friday's Fave Five

Yes, I know, I look for any reason to get out of work celebrate! However, we are on "staycation" next week, and Sunday, July 5, is the 6-month anniversary of this blog, so I'm taking a bit of a break from the regular posting schedule. We'll have a little fun, a little serious and a little in between throughout the week next week. I hope you all will participate to multiply the fun!

Now for.....

Enjoying Summer Edition

1. Field trips. The fun of homeschooling is you can take field trips anytime, so we went on one with a homeschool group today. Can you believe it was my first ever time in a fire station? So I went around asking questions like all the other kids. What do you expect from a poor, sheltered conventionally-schooled kid? Relax, non-homeschoolers, I'm only kidding. Incidentally, does it seem ironic to anyone but me that they have banned fire poles from fire stations because too many fire fighters were getting hurt?

2. Free library programs. Yeah, I've actually ventured out of the house more than once this week! We love the summer reading program at our library where the kids read to enter for prizes. My kids already each won a prize. Each Thursday they do a program for the kids, too. So far we've seen Outback Ray's animal show (complete with the kids petting a crocodile), the Bubble Lady (my daughter got to be inside a huge bubble), and Rick Smith, Jr., a magician and card thrower (he's in Guinness Book of World Records and he came to our humble little library--everybody say "Wow!").

3. Watching kids run through the sprinkler. They've been dying for 80 degree weather--my personal criteria for getting wet outside--and we have sure had it this week! So, we packed up and went to my mom's for lunch one day and let 'em at it.

4. Green, living things. If you knew how we had struggled with getting tomato plants to thrive on our city lot, you would understand why I'm excited that our tomato plants are HUGE and that my miniature rose bush is blooming nicely along with the assorted flowers in our flowerbed.

5. Staycations. We are planning to go away later this year, but when my husband was able to get this week off, too, we decided to stay home and rest. Well, rest as much as 3 kids under 7 will allow! We plan to do a few fun things around the area and just enjoy our time off work. I will be posting ahead this weekend to the blog. Just be patient if I'm late replying to your e-mails and comments, I don't know how much I'll be on the computer next week.

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