Tuesday, June 9, 2009

House Tour: Living Room

Note: This is Family Life week, but I am switching things around. I'm focusing on marriage next week because it is our tenth anniversary week. So...this is home week...

I have been telling you that I am spring cleaning. I missed the Spring Cleaning Party that Simple Mom had last month because we were busy finishing school. So, I decided to do it after school and thought it would be the best time to give you a tour of my home while it's clean (not sure how long it will stay that way although I have the best of intentions and schedules!). You all tell me you like pictures, so here goes...nothing fancy but it's our haven away from the world.

Front Entry

Not sure what's going on with the ceiling fan light. It isn't really fluorescent. If anyone has a clever idea for storing our shoes as we come in the door, I'd love to hear it! I've tried a basket and thought about a covered bench, but our space is limited as you can see.

The Other Side of the Room

The wall is blank because I took all my pictures down and I'm making a new wall arrangement. The basket holds Jerrod's toys--nice and portable to move wherever I need him to play while I work.

To the Left of the Front Door
This is my piano purchased from Steinway Hall right after we got married. No, it is not a Steinway, but at least it used to live next to one. :-) It is a little worse for the wear after 30-40 piano students over the years, but I love it. It's been the scene of heart-t0-hearts with students, "music time" with the kids and comfort at difficult times in my life.

The Fireplace
Our non-working fireplace and my husband's clock collection on the mantle.

In case you were wondering, no I did not do before pictures. I'm a pretty transparent blogger, but not THAT transparent. :-)


  1. Your home is beautiful! Very elegantly appointed. I see you are a "shoeless" house too. Our mudroom has a line up of shoes just like yours. :)

  2. What a warm room! I would suggest either a wooden shoe rack (one made for the closet) or a small set of "cubbies." You could even stitch a curtain to cover the opening of the cubbies. We have a shoe problem in our apartment, too, but we don't have enough space even for a rack. Nice job with the cleaning! ~Megan