Monday, May 18, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY May 18, 2009...
(actually doing it a day early)

Outside my window...the sun is shining in patches through the big tree in my backyard and I know what my husband will be doing tomorrow--mowing.

I am thinking...of what I will be taking photos of this week (more on this later).

I am thankful adorable baby who is sitting on my lap intently watching my computer screen.

From the learning rooms...only five more days of Phonics! I had so hoped to finish everything this week, but real life got in the way. We also have achievement tests this week.

From the kitchen...My husband made some awesome Chocolate Chip cookies for us for dinner last night! I made Sunday dinner today (usually go to my mom's) complete with homemade bread, homemade noodles and Tammy's Oven-Roasted Chicken and Depression Cake (which the kids renamed "Be Joyful Cake"). This week I'm going to be gone a lot for Jessica's tests, so the meals are simple, but I will be making mayonnaise a little later.

I am favorite lavender robe although I'll be getting dressed for church in a few minutes.

I am snapshots of joy (more about this in tomorrow's post!).

I am church in a short while.

I am reading...Carbs from Heaven, Carbs from Hell (hope the title doesn't offend you--it's not particularly a Christian book although the content is very good).

I am go thrift store shopping tomorrow sometime.

I am hearing...Jerrod's babbling and kids playing in the living room.

Around the house...just doing the basics this week until we get through with end-of-the-year school stuff.

One of my favorite things...cuddling up and reading with my kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Like I already said, hopefully clothes shopping, achievement tests and finishing school. Relaxing a little after a busy week last week!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

On my computer desktop right now

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  1. I think our current crop of children are the first to have grown up with computers as normal. Mine are 14 and 17 and it's interesting to think that we only got our fist proper computer the year eldest was born.

  2. Great daybook! Glad to meet you! Your children are adorable.

  3. I love your blog and often reference it, but for some reason your new posts are no longer showing up in my follower reader on the blogger dashboard. Any ideas why? Anyway, I have you bookmarked and that's why I have removed myself from "following." Keep up the awesome posts!