Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kids...Dontcha Love' Em?

I couldn't resist sharing a few "kid quips" from this past week:

From my 3-year-old:

Coming to me with his pajama arm inside the pajama leg: "Mommy, help me, these are upside right out!"

After using Memaw's toilet that had an "Out of Order" sign on it: "Mommy, remember when I used Memaw's potty that wasn't organized?"

And from my 6-year-old who just did a unit on weather and enjoys dropping words like "precipitation":

To her aunt on the phone when asked how the weather was in our area:
"Oh, we had a case of wind today."

To me when I asked her to check and see if it was cool enough for jackets outside:
"Yeah, from an angle." Huh?

And from my 6-month-old:
Well, I thought it was cute anyway! (Although "ma ma" would be better!)


  1. Jessica or Jaclyn and Justin. I couldn't decide on the girl's name,so I had to write both. :)

  2. Jessica is correct! A clue on my older son....he's the third. ;-)

  3. Nope...where is the lady that knows what a Jeffery looks like? ;-)

  4. Jeffery, to be precise, but yes, you are right! Now aren't you all glad the guessing is over? :-)

  5. I'm proud of myself. Atleast I got one right. :)

  6. Mine are all J's, too! Jessica, Jillian, Joseph, Johanna, John Benjamin, and Joel.


  7. My dad, brother, sister and Jeff's dad and brother are all J's, too, so we're running out of names. I guess we could always get some from the Duggars! :-)

  8. Funny, I read this (a little too late I just figured out) and thought "oh, those are Jessica and Jeff if i ever saw one". I am telling you, I think I should just go around and guess everyone's name. Maybe I could make it a side show at the local carnival next year. hehehehe. I have enjoyed this. It's fun to put a name with a picture.

  9. Good, I'm glad you had fun with it.