Friday, April 10, 2009

Book and Link Week: Home

Disclaimer: If you read anything that I've recommended here, please don't check your brain at the door. The only infallible book is the Word of God, so my recommendation does not mean that everything in these books is necessarily correct or that I agree with everything that is in them.


A stain remover recipe I'm going to try!


Busy Woman's Cookbook was a cookbook I actually read through because of all the interesting real-life stories and helpful tips.

How to Save $100 at the Grocery Store This Month

This is about how I grocery shop, too. Maybe I'm on the right track? I hope so!


Don Aslett's books are always motivating to me. I read No Time to Clean and Make Your House Do The Housework. Now if I can just get a central vacuum, I'll have it made! Just kidding (sort of).

Organizing and Enjoying

Another favorite Anne Ortlund book is Disciplines of the Home. Practical, helpful and motivating.

How to Save the Day from a Bad Morning I may have posted this before, but it's still on my list. I need it often!


  1. Another thing that works on freshly grass stained knees is Murphy's Oil Soap rubbed in (straight out of the bottle) before washing.


  2. Thanks! I'll have to try that because I already have that on hand.