Friday, March 13, 2009

In My Home This Week

I thought I would share with you a little bit of what has been going on in my home keeping adventures this week:

Spring cleaning the car....My dear husband decluttered and vacuumed the car in preparation for a weekend trip. The kids found a few miscellaneous toys they'd been missing. I found my favorite water bottle. My husband found a full can of Pepsi completely expanded from the freezing weather--thankfully it did not explode! We know better than to bring back the rule, "No eating in the car", but we are enacting the "What comes in must go out!" rule.

In the kitchen....I browned 3 pounds of hamburger I got at a good price last week and froze in meal-size portions. I added homemade taco seasoning to one pound. We enjoyed taco salad and baked rigatoni this week using the beef.

I am excited to start making bread now that I have a free bread machine. Bless the lady on freecycle who gave hers away! She had never used it and had the owner's manual with it. I didn't want to buy one because I wasn't sure I'd use it. Now I have a chance to see if I will. Anyone have a fool-proof, easy recipe to share?

In the laundry room....Spring means time to weed out all our clothes! Jerrod's closet is stocked with his 6-9 months clothes (he's growing too fast!) now. I'm taking inventory of everyone's clothes and switching over to spring and summer wardrobes. Hopefully this action will chase the rest of the cold weather away! I have Easter outfits for all the kids. I'm packing up all the clothes in my basement that the kids have outgrown, and I have an appointment at Children's Orchard on Monday! I can't wait to have more room in the basement for useful storage.

In money management....We were so happy to have our emergency fund in place when our dryer needed fixed last week and our furnace went out this week. We were also glad that my parents let us spend the night so we didn't have to freeze in our house!

Things I found helpful online this week...
Modest Fashion Week, Free Online Health Classes, homemade mayo recipe, Molly Green's organizing her morning secrets, and Mint Milkshakes (just in time for St. Patrick's Day).

Share some of your "adventures" this week. I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Wow sounds like you've had a full and busy week! My week sounds pretty lame compared to all of that! LOL We did have James and Rachel from our church over last night for pizza and games. Although now that they have their little bundle of joy its a little more difficult to play a game! LOL She's a sweetie though! :0)