Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Date Idea for Us

Guess what the next date for My Man and me is? Shopping! Yes, he agreed. In fact, it was his idea. See, I'm always asking him how he likes this outfit and that one on me, so he said he would go with me to help me decide what to buy with my Christmas gift cards. I just think that is so sweet. (He already said it wasn't because he dislikes the clothes I have. LOL!)

Maybe you don't think it's so great. I do for several reasons:

1. I love spending time with my husband.
2. I don't like shopping alone.
3. My husband's opinion about how I look is more important than anyone else's.
4. My husband will give me honest but kind opinions about how things look on me. (I've already decided not to ask, "Do I look fat in this?" No fair putting him on the spot!)
5. Our mall has a great Starbucks which is our usual favorite dating place. (What was it that reminded me of accumulating more calories...oh yeah, that #4!)

What about you, would you like to go clothes shopping with your husband?


  1. I think that would be great...I would really love his opinion. Unfortunately, I think he would consider it torture;-)

    Do have fun!

  2. I'll try to be easy on him so this won't be the last shopping trip! :-)
    Lady Jen

  3. I am blessed with a man who doesn't mind shopping with me, but he does wear out if I take too long. :o)

    Have a lovely date!

  4. I guess I'm the odd husband is the one who likes to shop (well, look anyways) and i'm the one who grumbles...LOL

  5. I usually don't like to shop either, but I have gift cards! Who can resist free money? LOL