Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cornerstones of a Peaceful Day

Life with children under five can be hectic on the best days. Here are a few things that keep me sane when I take the time and effort to do them:

  • Devotional Time. This is a must to a peaceful day. I've found that writing down my prayers as recommended by Anne Ortlund is the key to keeping my busy mind from getting distracted. Even if a little one interrupts, I can pick up where I left off. Things just go so much better when I give God the first part of my day. (Notice I didn't say get alone with the Lord--that's almost impossible!)
  • Planning Time. Even if I just scribble some notes on a piece of paper, I have to know what my day is going to look like before it begins. It seldom plays out as I've planned, but at least I have a starting point and don't spend my day "putting out fires."
  • Chore Time. Chores, peaceful? Not exactly, but it is anything but peaceful if they get skipped over. Also, it seems like my kids get restless in that half hour between breakfast cleanup and school starting (we homeschool). It gives them something to do, and if we do it together, they love it!
  • Home Time. Why is it that "stay-at-home-moms" are rarely at home? I know there is much to do in the course of a week running a home and not all of it is within our four walls. However, I can't do well on my home duties if I'm gone from the house more than 2 days a week. Things just run so much smoother when I am there.
  • Quiet Time. Ah! That wonderful hour when school is over and the kids need a break (whether they admit it or not) not to mention me. This is when I can get some computer time or get some work caught up without a thousand questions. Only Little Man takes naps, but we all still go to a quiet place and spend time alone.
  • Reading Time. There comes a time each evening after the kids are all in bed, that I retreat to my bathtub and close the door. It is my time. I read usually or just spend some extra time pampering myself (like actually shaving both legs at the same time!). I've written about the extreme of Mommy Time here, but a little each evening is nice. The plus to this is that I am relaxed and smelling good when the kids are asleep, and I can carry on the first uninterrupted conversation of the day with my husband.
What are some of your tips and tricks for a sane day?

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