Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Giving!

Here we are full swing into the Holiday Season.  Maybe some of you are "plan ahead geniuses" who started your Christmas shopping right after Christmas was over last year and are all done.  However, probably most of us are still in the process of buying the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones.  For most of us, things are probably a little tighter financially this year but we still want something nice to give.  Here are a few great gift ideas that won't leave you destitute at the end of the Season... :0)

Once again, I went to the source of all good ideas... Pinterest!  There, I found some cute and practical "Do It Yourself" Christmas gifts to share with you!

First, you make (or buy if your not into sewing) a cutesy apron and roll it up and place inside a Mason Jar.  Wrap with a pretty bow, include a recipe on the gift tag, and you have a wonderful gift!

Next, is my personal favorite.  Nothing quite says "personalized" like a photo.  For this gift, you'll need your favorite photo of your family printed on vellum, a glass vase, some mod podge, and a votive candle.  For all the instructions visit this site at A Family Affair.

Last, but not least...a candy dish/ votive candle holder.  You hand paint it so it has a personal touch.  You can do it as pictured, or paint it to coordinate with the decor of the individual.  Place candy inside, or a votive candle, and you have a personalized gift!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with your loved ones!  

Joanna LaVan

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