Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Hi, My Name Is Jessica, and I'm a Time Waster."

It was time for action. Something had to be done. Now.

I had thought about it long and hard. I had contemplated what needed to be done; dreaded it, avoided it, procrastinated, and finally resigned myself to it. 

The decision was difficult. Hours of work had gone into this! I had carefully planned and plotted, had done my very best to do well on my little "project". It was so hard to let go of it! Before I could change my mind, and with great resolve and incredible courage, I did it. 

I tapped the "delete" button.

In one second, my beloved game was gone. 

My family teased me. My husband, after finding out that I had deleted the game that I held so dear, warned the children to take it easy on me. (In other words, don't mess with Mama. She's having a rough time.) Yes, I've exaggerated, but really, even though I joke about it, it's actually sad that I allowed a silly, pointless game to take up so much of my time. Makes me blush. 

Now, before you laugh at the ridiculousness of my "dilemma", think about it for a minute. What little time waster do you love a little too much? A game? Books that aren't exactly beneficial? Movies? Facebook? I don't think I'm alone here. ;)

                                                    (Photo copyright by Moyan Brenn)

 We all know how precious our time is. We've all had those moments when the brevity of life sort of hits us in the face like a bucket of cold water, and we have made up our minds and written New Year's resolutions over and over again that we will stop wasting time. And, once again, we have forgotten those resolutions and slipped back into old habits. After all, life is stressful and losing oneself in a novel, game, movie, (insert your favorite time waster here) helps to relieve the stress...but not for long. And, usually, it makes the stress worse because it's been coupled with guilt, which produces crabbiness, which produces even more stress..... You know the routine. 

So, I guess this is a confession of just one of my many faults as well as a reminder to put aside whatever it is that "eats" your time and replace it with things of lasting value. 

Just do it. Take a deep breath, grit your teeth, and click that delete button. 

You won't regret it. I know I don't. ;) 


  1. Thank you - for being vulnerable and honest, and for helping us all to think and analyze our own lives. Well written as always! Love ya!

    1. Thanks, SJW. You know I love you, too. A lot. :)