Friday, September 14, 2012

Want to Walk Down Memory Lane with Me?

I have enjoyed writing in this space for the last three years and eight months. It has marked a large part of my journey. I have been traveling through older posts and remembering this evening.

This is what it has been about. It all began here, though not without challenge.

I poured out my heart about modesty, marriage, and seeing what Jesus sees.

I have been transparent about my days, my struggles at housekeeping,
my selfishness in marriage and my spiritual life.

I've even tried my hand at poetry and prayers:
Feed My Lambs
This is Life
Praying the Fruit of the Spirit

I got up on my soapbox about magazine subscriptions, false religion and current book trends.

Then, I got a little silly about frugality and cleaning
and devotions.

I still strive to learn time management from Jesus.

I pondered some deep questions, like:
Do Men Compare Themselves to Each Other?
Does the Golden Rule Apply to Marriage?

Lest you think it has been all about me, I have had wonderful help!

I basically was a ghost writer for my husband on these two posts:
Management Techniques from my Favorite Manager
Seven Things Your Husband Want You to Know

A guest post that still gets comments:
Raising Christian Kids in a Public School

And, I couldn't have done the last year without my team:

Judy from Contented at Home shared her batch cooking ideas for homeschool moms and how to keep up with a large family as well as did some "techy" work on the blog.

Jessica from It's the Little Things challenged us to be gentle shepherds of our children like He is and gave us 20 Great Reasons to Homeschool while managing our Facebook page.

Tonya shared her secrets for dressing children nicely but frugally and her creative birthday party ideas.

Joanna from The Lavans encouraged us by showing that all of us are being used by God and revealing her tips for keeping our homes under control.

Marion gave us a sermon from the cupboard and some delicious recipes to make with honey.

And, our newest team member, Shawna, began a fruit of the Spirit series. She is busy with homeschooling her four children and caring for her husband undergoing cancer treatment, but she will be finishing this series in the coming weeks even though we are no longer posting.

Yes, that's right. I've been walking down memory lane because it's time to move on to other things that claim my heart and time right now. As you can see, much has been shared. I trust it has drawn you closer to the Lord, your husband, your children and your home.

I would love to still receive your e-mails at homekeeper31 (at) gmail (dot) com. You are a great group of readers. We will not close down the site but will leave it here for your encouragement and reference.

May you continue to experience joy in your roles and relationships!

and the Cherish the Call Team

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