Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Link-Up: Back to School

In the Self household, we are officially starting school Monday! I'm sure those of you that are parents will be starting back to school in the next few weeks. Here are a few links to get you ready:

Getting Organized:
A New Way to Begin the School Year
20 Back to School Projects
Mommy's Back to School Boot Camp
Household Notebook
Printable forms to help with organization of time, pantry, freezer, event, etc. Could be of help to either home or traditional schooling families.
Back to School Photos Printable

Packing Lunches:
25 Best Back to School Lunches 
Three Ideas for the Bagged Lunch (They Will Love)
How to Pack a School Lunch Your Kids Will Eat
16 Back to School Treats

For Moms Sending Kids to School:
How Much Should You Tell the New Teacher?

For Moms Taking the DIY Approach:
Our Homeschool Classroom
Our Minimalist Homeschool Room
This is our own Judy's very organized place for school!


  1. Thanks for sharing my homeschool room, Jennifer! I wish we could start on Monday along with you, but we have to wait one more week. :-)

  2. I genuinely enjoyed it, Judy! Hope you get things more together in your final week than I am! :-)