Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Reflections: Kids' Room Edition

Why is this the Kids' Room edition? Because that is what I've been working on for two. days. straight. You can imagine what the rest of the house looks like! We are in the process of streamlining to better fit 4 children into one bedroom while giving the one girl of the lot her "own space". If we succeed, I may post pictures. If we do not....well, I won't go there. 
Looking Back...
Here's what we talked about this week:

From the Archives...
Looking Ahead... 

Next Week
Get some new ideas for date nights when you can't go anywhere.  Jessica and Joanna will share what is on their hearts, and we will open the Word with Tonya. On Friday, I will tell you about a great bundle from Eternal Encouragement for Children and Chores and a giveaway opportunity for you!
We want to hear from you!
O.K. what I feared would happen....did. We put up some reader questions on Facebook, and no one wanted to chime in with their thoughts.

Instead of us coming up with questions, would you rather come up with your own? You can address them to us on things you'd like us to talk about or to other readers to hear their experiences and advice. Stop by and visit today!

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