Friday, March 2, 2012

How We Do Date Nights With Kids at Home

When I asked the Cherish the Call team members about their best tips for date nights, one mom e-mailed back, "Ummm date nights?" Another one said, "That's a tough prospect with a lot of little ones!" With small kids at home, date nights are a little different than they were BC ("before children", as opposed to AD which is "after delivery").

Even Joanna, whose little one is still "in the oven", has seen the difference:
Before I was pregnant, we liked to load up our kayaks, and head to "our" quiet river spot to kayak down the river together. Now, the most unique thing we do is go to our local auction or out to dinner.
Jessica and I had similar answers to what we do with our spouses for date night. Her words:
We usually just go out to eat, maybe walk around a store, and sometimes we'll pick up a shake or iced coffee on the way home as a last treat.
Yup! That's about what we do, too.

I didn't get a comment from Judy so I presume she didn't have time to reply because:
a) she was away from the computer on a romantic date with her hubby or
b) she couldn't reply to me since she hasn't been able to even talk to her husband to help her remember what they used to do for date nights.

Tonya lives far away from family so she and her husband only get a date night about once a year or so.

This is when it's good to get creative. Or so I'm told. At-home date nights are all the rage, and they always sound lovely.

I tried it a week or so ago. I put the kids to bed, lit all the candles in the living room and turned on some nice "candlelight music".

Our 17-month-old decided he was not ready for bed and proceeded to cry. We proceeded to ignore him.

My 9-year-old pouted, "How come we don't get to have candlelight time?" I ignored her, too.

My 6-year-old called me to the room in alarm, "Mom! What is that smell?!" Apparently I don't burn candles enough. He either believed the house was burning down or wanted me to help them evacuate the house, and therefore, their beds.

My 3-year-old came down the steps several times because he needed "covered up again". By the time I got everyone settled and quiet, my husband had fallen asleep.

So, that didn't go well.

Marion (I'll introduce her officially later!) and her husband have the at-home date night down pat:  

We usually  settle for popcorn and a good movie.....with the kiddos :-)
I do believe it is important for couples to connect in the midst of the chaos and excitement kids bring to the family. Whatever you have to do to get time with just you and your husband, it is well worth it.

Here are a few ideas from a more creative lady than us (thanks for the tip, Jessica!):
50 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas

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  1. Your "at home date night" sounded so much like how our attempts have gone that I couldn't stop laughing! Thank you for sharing and providing the link to 50 Fun Dates! Thanks for visiting Intentional Homemaker, too, and weighing in on potty-training! Blessings to you!