Thursday, March 15, 2012


Recently I have done a few DIY projects in our home, specifically the nursery. In preparing for our little bundle of joy to arrive, we have been working on setting up her room etc. I thought I would share with you a few of those ideas, just in case you wanted to incorporate them into your home decor somewhere. They are ideas that can be adapted for use in several different rooms of your home, not just a nursery! :0)

First off, I'll share how I changed plain old outlet covers into beautiful pieces that actually MATCH the decor of the room! (the original idea for this came from Pinterest). All you need is the outlet cover, Mod Podge, a brush, and an Exacto knife.

Stage 1 of the process

Stage 2-after covering and drying you cut out the holes

Stage 3- Put up!
For this next project, I bought plain brown and pink Wall Art dots, then painted (with acrylic) dots and faces on them to look like ladybugs (to match the theme of the nursery).

Here I "made-over" an old wooden house that holds knick knacks. I had ribbon to match the decor, and hot glued it into the design pattern I wanted.

This project was probably one of the most time-consuming, however, I was happy with how it turned out! We started with plain white letters; added the ribbon where I wanted it; then painted ( 3 different colors) dots onto them!

This last one, was a simple idea. I needed curtain tie backs for her curtains but didn't want to spend my life savings.... So, I bought ribbon that coordinated with the room and curtains, and tiny stick-on hooks. After sticking the hooks into the correct place, I simply tied the ribbon and hooked it back! EASY!!

Again, any of these ideas can be adapted to whatever room your trying to "make over". Just use your imagination, and have FUN!

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