Monday, February 13, 2012

Warm, Fuzzy Feelings

Valentine’s Day is this week! To some this brings thoughts of romance. Others think it is only a chance for the retail world to make a few bucks. To me, I love to save a few bucks and I do enjoy romance. So the best of both worlds! Although romance ranks high on my list of likes I want to focus more on the warm, fuzzy feelings I get from saving a penny.

Piggy BankOur family is large by most people’s thoughts. My husband and I are blessed with 4 children ranging in age from 16 months to 9 years. To keep them clothed and fed, does take a little creativity especially with my husband being a pastor. It is not a mega church that provides a large compensation plan with all the benefits, but that is fine! Our benefits are “out of this world”….God’s compensation plan is better. I received great training for saving money by being raised by a “penny pincher” Mom that never paid full price for anything. Now, I am following in those footsteps and even adding my own twist.

There are many ways to stretch your dollar. It gives me the shivers when I can find an expensive item that is needed for a fraction of the cost. To demonstrate this, just this week I visited a thrift store. I love to visit these to find bargains of all kinds. I keep my eyes open for needs now or for things for the future. This particular day certain color tags were 50 cents. Wow! As I began scanning the racks, my eyes glimpsed what appeared to be a nice coat in the next aisle. I quickly grasped the hanger and pulled it through to take a look. Would you believe it was a name brand winter coat in the next size up for my oldest? It looked barely worn and it was the right color tag! Cha ching! Paying 50 cents for a coat that would have cost new $80 to $100…talk about a warm,
fuzzy feeling.

Another deal was at Goodwill this week….all books were 3 for $1. I found several books that would have cost anywhere from $10 and up. Also, that is one of my favorite spots after Christmas. This particular store places their Christmas items 75%. I have found some awesome bargains there. Like new boxed Mikasa vases or items that have original price tags of $30 and I paid less than $1.

HeartThese are just a few of my thrift store finds that bring warm, fuzzy feelings. I could list many others. If you haven’t visited a thrift store recently…check it out! You might be surprised what you will find. I am hoping these savings might bring funds for a moment of romance (that is if I can find a babysitter).

Tonya Hamilton


  1. So HAPPY for your thrift store finds! How FUN!!

    That's one thing I REALLY MISS being on the mission field is Thrift stores to help clothe my ever growing kids. =)

    Glad to have found y'all's blog.


  2. Glad you found us....I certainly enjoy reading your blog. Especially your love story this week!