Monday, February 27, 2012

Is Treasure Too Much Responsibility?

MoneyLet's say you are a millionaire. (It's fun to pretend, isn't it?) You can have just about anything you want of material things. You have a beautiful home and a plentiful budget for all necessities and many luxuries.

What would you think if I came to your home and surveyed the lovely surroundings and pitied you? "Oh, how do you do it all?" Or if I came to your garage and saw your collection of nice cars and said, "Oh dear, you sure have your hands full!" What if I sat down at your table to an expensive meal and said, "I could never do this!"

You might pity me, and rightly so. My comments would show such a misunderstanding of the treasure that you have and might even suggest jealousy of your bounty.

Would you limit your enjoyment of God's gifts because I, and perhaps the general population, was disapproving of your choice to multiply your resources? Maybe you would tell your employer to please stop paying you because you couldn't handle any more riches? Would you give all your money to someone else and live the life of a pauper?

The truth is, that no matter how spiritual we act, we would all welcome, if not millions, at least enough money to go through life without worrying about being able to pay the mortgage and a large hospital bill in the same month.

Yet, when it comes to the treasures God has given us in our children, so many look on with disapproval. All they see is the responsibility that these precious blessings create for parents. So, they expect us to give them to someone else to enjoy while we chase after glittery joys that look gaudy at best when held to the light of eternity. Or maybe not to accept them at all.

These thoughts came to me as I was listening to Lorrie Flem's audio recording of "Daily Treasures" as part of my Gabby Moms commitment. One can tell by her words that she genuinely treasures her eight children. In fact, her small son opens for her by announcing his own mother in such a cute lisp that I couldn't help but smile at the sweetness of it. She speaks of the joys of children and what kind of a mother Mary was and how she can encourage us in our pursuit of caring for these treasures with which some of us have been so blessed.

In Lorrie's words:
"What dime store treasures are we holding so tightly that we miss the real treasures that we have?"

Don't trade your costly pearls for the cheap, vending machine variety! If you suggest that I do so, I'll smile at you in pity. Because you have no idea just how blessed I am.

Disclaimer: I received this audio for review purposes free of charge but received no other compensation.. All opinions are mine.


  1. I have heard every single one of those statements, as I'm sure you have. I'll remember next time to smile at them with pity!
    Nicely done!

  2. And what wonderful treasures you have!! God has certainly blessed you. You are so right... those who look on in pity, are really the ones who are to be pitied for their inability to see what blessings truly are.

  3. What a wonderful perspective! People's comments reveal their lack of understanding. Our children are truly priceless treasures.

  4. I agree with Mukkove. You certainly wrote from a different perspective here. Great job on this review! God bless you!

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  6. Great perspective...I'll have to steal this sometime when I get those responses!