Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scaling Down

Recently I have been doing A LOT of downsizing, and getting rid of things. We have made many trips to Goodwill and some to the dump in the process (much to my husbands chagrin!). However, with a little one on the way, and a house that is... less than huge, it is just necessary! As I was thinking on what to write about this week, I figured this would be as good a topic as any! If you are one of those rare individuals that doesn't have any "extra" stuff lying around your house, you can just disregard this post! :0)

What's the best way to go about "downsizing" your STUFF? Well, I don't know if this is necessarily the BEST way, but it has seemed to work for me... First of all, you might want to just start in one room to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed! As you sort through the drawers, closet, under the bed, behind shelves (don't smirk, you might be surprised at what you find behind there!) ask yourself this question, "Have I used this (or even been aware I OWN this item) in the past year?". If the answer is no, then maybe it's just time to part with that little dust collector. The other thing to keep in mind as you're doing this little chore, is to NOT BECOME SENTIMENTAL!! Once you start remembering all those warm and fuzzy memories (that really aren't that warm and fuzzy anymore), you will end up in the same boat you were to start with and still have a houseful of STUFF. I tend to hold on to things because "I'm going to sell them later..." or "give them to so-in-so"... or "let my little child play with my old teddy bear"... on and on it goes. Get in the mind set of getting your home "stuff free", and it will be MUCH easier to part with all those little things.

Here's another way to keep up with all the stuff that gets brought into your home. We just came through Christmas, and we all know that we end up bringing home double the stuff to put away into our already overflowing houses. Try this tip... for every new item brought in, get rid of one. Sounds simple right? Well... maybe not, but it will save you a TON of grief (and space) later on!

Doing this exercise frequently (every couple months or so) might keep you from getting discouraged with the idea and forfeiting it altogether. Remember, you will be so much happier when you and your family actually have the space to LIVE in your home, that you won't miss all those little cluttery things.

Go get started on scaling down your home today! :0)


  1. Great post! Although, I could say the same about them all!! I did want to comment on this one, though, and say that facing a major crisis as a family as an interesting way of adjusting one's perspective on stuff. I even had a difficult time finding the motivation to even shop for Christmas this year because of the massive amounts of "stuff" that seemed to overwhelm me. Weird feeling for sure. And the stuff in my house has almost become more of a burden than anything else. I know, I'm odd. =) The ideas you gave above are practical and helpful! Thanks for all the work you all do to make this blog a success!!

  2. I normally do a pretty good job of decluttering, but its kinda gone by the wayside lately. So, thanks for the nudge.

  3. Oh...the Christmas stuff'll getcha, won't it?

    I love the decluttering "schedule" from minutes a day, one house zone per week. That way I don't get bogged down so easily.

    Purging takes a lot of discipline for me. Sentiment, creativity, frugality, indecisiveness, fear...I have to fight all of these when it comes to ditching perfectly good stuff. But my husband loves taking bags to goodwill for me because we means we have more space!