Monday, January 16, 2012


The following post is written by our newest monthly contributor, Tonya Hamilton. You will be introduced more formally to each of our new contributors once we get a few more bugs worked out.
Let me out of here! Let me out, I say! Being crammed into a box is no fun, yet some of us put ourselves and others in one, as well. We each have a set idea of how the world should function. If it doesn’t fit into our boxes, then life just isn’t functioning according to how we perceive. Personally, I know this from experience. The Lord has been challenging me to get out of my box!
Oliver in Nested BoxesInside the box we peer out through the peephole just for a second. There are many things we see yet we must get busy: Jobs to be done… House to clean… Laundry to wash… Meals to cook…Schedules to meet…Groceries to buy…Children to care for…The list could go on and on.  We are too focused on our little box to take more than a few moments to take a peep.  But if we would open the lid, climb out of the box and focus on the world around us then we might change our task list. It could include:  People to help! Hearts waiting to be loved! Faces needing a smile! Spirits needing a lift! A hungry belly to fill! A child needing a hug! A discouraged soul waiting for words of affirmation! A sick person that needs a meal! An older person that needs a visit! Oh, the possibilities they are too numerous to list.  

As this New Year has begun, this seems to be the emphasis that God has been resonating time and again in my heart. The world is hurting, yet life is so busy that we don’t take time to show we care. A simple meal fixed. A card of encouragement mailed. A short phone text sent. A praise written on a Facebook wall.  A small gift given. A batch of cookies shared. A loaf of bread baked. While these thoughts have been swirling in my head, opportunities to provide these things were in front of my nose.
For instance, just this week I was out running errands with 3 of my children. Weather in Central Ohio has been cold and snowy the past few days, finally! As we were driving towards our bank, on the corner was a woman standing on a corner holding a young girl’s hand waiting to cross. I recognized her as a cashier at my local grocery. I immediately thought to stop, but knew I was on a time-crunch, as usual, and must make it to the bank before closing time. However, when I pulled out of the bank I realized that it was one of those moments, so I turned and went down the street she was headed. They were a couple blocks down and I pulled up beside her to offer a ride. She immediately accepted. I took her to her destination and invited her and the little girl to our church. What an opportunity! I can’t tell you how good it made me feel. (I have never done something like that before!)
Getting out of my box! I did it! I did it! I really did! So my challenge this year…not just peeking out but to open the lid and climb out of my box often. Want to join me?

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