Friday, December 2, 2011

How We Decorate for Christmas

I will just warn you that decorating is not my forte. My creativity (if one wants to call it that) is channeled into writing out my ideas or expressing the musical ideas of others through piano. I'm also very creative when it comes to clothing options for a child who has had a diaper blow-out in a very public place far from home. But, I digress.

The one time of year I decorate is Christmas. Not much decorating, mind you. My husband puts up the Christmas tree, and I decorate it along with the kids. Before we had children, we had a perfectly coordinated red and gold tree with decorations from a high-end department store's after-Christmas sale. The few "specialty" ornaments we had were red or gold to match the decor.

When the children came, we began to collect photo ornaments with their current year photo. As I was going through our Christmas decorations this year, I had to throw away some of our original red and gold bows. Then, I realized that our photo ornaments, which we have always bought to match the current tree decor were not coordinated at all. When I laid out all of our decorations, we had a mixture of red, gold, silver and blue with a few black or white pianos given me by piano students over the years.

I realize that my creativity will not be featured in Better Homes and Gardens anytime soon. With my apologies to Martha Stewart and my home decorating genius readers, I present our current Christmas tree:

Yes, in fact we are quite patriotic around here!
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  1. Our Christmas tree is much like yours--a tree full of memories. So special!
    I'd like to hear more about your creativity regarding clothing options in disastrous situations, LOL!

  2. Let's just say in the not-too-distant past a child of mine came home from church with his sister's shirt on, a pair of pants that were too small for him and a borrowed coat.

    My home will not be featured in Better Homes and Gardens and my children will not be featured on the front of Gymboree catalogs! :-)