Thursday, December 15, 2011

De-Cluttering Your Living Space

Last week we went over ways to de-clutter your Kitchen workspace to get you ready for all of that Holiday baking. This week we are going to move on to your living spaces, (such as your Living Room, Den, Foyer etc) in order to get you ready for all that company that you're going to have over during the Holidays!

If you are like me, you have one space that has consistently become your "dump spot". Everything you are currently working on, your mail, and any other miscellaneous "stuff" gets plopped into a pile at this spot and it is constantly a cluttered mess. Every time company comes, you have to hurry and shove that stack into a cupboard or pile it on your bed until they leave, right? Yeah, I know...I've been there, done that. Well, since for most of us that pile isn't going to just gracefully "go away", how can we make it less of an eye sore?

Kath Younger wrote an article in the "breathe" magazine for the November-December issue about de-cluttering your home. In that article, she gave an interesting solution to this very problem. Since most of us can't just simply get rid of that clutter, she says to just make it look nice. How can you make that huge stack of papers look nice?! Well, she suggests placing a nice basket, bin, hook or container of some kind in that spot to contain the mess. The kind of container you use will obviously depend on what kind of clutter your dealing with. For me, my biggest clutter problem is my papers and notebooks I stack on the chair by the door or on the counter. I would probably just need a pretty basket or bin to contain my clutter. But if your problem is the winter outer wear that is piled in a heap by the front door, maybe installing some hooks on the wall for the coats and scarves would work, with a bin for shoes and boots. For some of you with small children around the house, your clutter might be the toys and books that get left out after your child is finished playing with them. Perhaps for you, a simple toy box or colorful bin would be the simple solution to your clutter.

Whatever your clutter problem is, find the solution that works for you and get it under control before that "perfect" relative comes for a visit! :0) No, seriously, getting your clutter under control will help you to face the Holiday company with less (notice I said LESS) stress and more confidence. Why not start today?

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