Thursday, December 29, 2011

Changes in the Coming Year

I want to say a hearty thank you to all of you wonderful readers for a great 2011! As you know, we've made changes such as adding contributors this year and a six day posting schedule.

If you are stopping by this week, you might be a little confused. We have changed the name of the blog from Joy Ever After to Cherish the Call. We felt it was best to have our own domain name as well as a title a little more descriptive of our mission here. If you forget and visit the old Joy Ever After URL, you should be re-directed. Please be patient with us as we change over our feeds and Facebook page and tweak the page design. You may still see the name Joy Ever After for a little while as we make the transition.

We will be adding a few monthly contributors to which I will introduce to you a little later on. We will also be exploring a few new topics like large families and ministry wives and frugality as well as occasional posts on homeschooling and health.

Please send us your e-mails and comments with any suggestions to make your reading here at Cherish the Call better. We seek to bring you encouragement in your walk with the Lord and your fulfilling His call upon your life.

Have a blessed New Year! We will be back soon!

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