Friday, November 4, 2011

Keeping the Cup Clean

One of the kids was whining asking for a drink so I hastily grabbed a cup from the cupboard and began to pour water into it. I glanced down and stopped. Ugh! Someone had put away a dirty cup and the residue floated to the surface of the clean water. I found a replacement and reminded the kids to double check their work next time.

Then I wondered. How does my cup look? I can put the cleanest water in...or the healthiest of foods. I can do all the spiritual things that are acceptable among my Christian friends. Yet no one drinks from the outside of the cup. The Spirit must fill the inside before He can flow out.

Jesus berated the Pharisees for keeping the outside of the cup clean but neglecting the inside. I don't want my life to be all about eating the right foods and avoiding all the bad ones. I want my cup to shine on the inside as well as the outside! No one sees the inside but Jesus and me. However, sooner or later, the residue of a neglected spiritual life will rise to the surface and cause those around me to look for a replacement--someone else to help them find the Living Water.

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