Friday, November 25, 2011

How We Celebrate Thanksgiving

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I have never cooked a Thanksgiving dinner, and I don't expect to for many years. We still travel every Thanksgiving. This year, we went to my mom's for dinner; so we only had to travel about 10 minutes on Thanksgiving Day. Today, we will leave to celebrate with my husband's family who lives a little further away. Next year, we will switch and be with his family on Thanksgiving Day and with mine the day after.

Both Thanksgiving feasts are the same in many ways. Abundant food, noise and fun! On my side, our family officially makes up half of the attendance (at least until my sister's baby is born in the spring). We usually try to fit in a visit to my grandfather who is cared for in a Christian nursing facility. I'll probably have to skip that this year since a few of my kids are getting over colds and could affect the residents. Then, around 2, we all gather in for tons of food! This year, I made Cranberry Salad, Pumpkin Pie and Maple Pecan Pie.We share what we are thankful for, and my dad usually reads a Psalm of thanksgiving. We hang out and alternately play games and eat.

On my husband's side the noise escalates because my kids only make up half of the kids (at least until my sister-in-law's baby is born this summer)! Yep, eight kids and seven are boys! Last year, we were entertained by an original play about the Pilgrims performed by the kids after dinner. This year, we will just eat leftovers and finger foods since everyone is coming in after Thanksgiving. I'm making Party Pizza Appetizers and Blender Pumpkin Bars. We will probably try to fit in a visit to my husband's grandmother who is doing well for being in her upper 90s!

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  1. It sounds like many of our Thanksgiving traditions are the same as yours! :-) And I made pumpkin pies and cranberry salad, too! (Does yours use jello, pineapple, and walnuts?)
    Enjoy the rest of your time with family--it's a special time, for sure.

  2. My husband doesn't like pineapple so mine uses cherry jello, mandarin oranges and granny smith nuts.

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