Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adding Color to Your Kid's Meals

We've all heard the "Five A Day" slogan to encourage our kids to eat more fruits and veggies. Some even encourage us to have them eat a rainbow meaning many different colors.
colorful_veggies 004
This gave our family a fun idea. We decided to chart not only the fruits and veggies we ate through the day but also what colors we ate. Our only rule was the fruit or veggie had to be recognizable as it was in its original state. For example, applesauce didn't count for apples, but we did allow dried fruit to count.

After each meal, we got out our individual pieces of white printer paper and colored with colored pencils on our rainbows. For breakfast one had grapes and someone had blackberries. Most everyone added dried cranberries to their granola. The kids were excited to color one arc of the rainbow purple for grapes and another red for the cranberries.

When lunch came around, one of the kids asked if they could warm up some leftover green beans from the night before. I nonchalantly replied, "Sure," but inside I was beaming. It was working!
By the end of the day, we each had an impressive rainbow. And through the day, we had much more enjoyable and delicious meals.

What methods do you try to get your children to eat their colors?

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