Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hospitality House

I don't claim to be an expert on this subject by any means; but I have had the privilege as a pastor's daughter, and now as a pastor's wife fo having many guests in our home. That can be a little overwhelming at times when you are already busy and have responsibilities. In fact, several times I have come home from trips only to turn around and have guests for the weekend! If you're not prepared ahead of time, this could be a less-than-perfect situeation for both you AND the guests! (I will admit, even if you are prepared, that is not an IDEAL situation!) :0)

So, how can you be ready at a moment's notice to show hospitality to your guests? Well, here are a few wasys I have used to keep myself prepared at all times, even for those unexpected visitors.

1. As soon as your guests leave, wash sheets and towels and freshen the room for the next guest. (If you do not have a seperate room I would still advise you to have a seperate set of towels and sheets that are designated for guest use only so that they will always be ready.)

2. Keep a wall plug-in air freshener ready to use in the guest room to keep the "stale" smell at bay.

3. Freshen the bathroom regularly so you're not embarrassed when unexpected visitors show up on your doorstep.

4. Try to keep your living room (or entryway) presentable at all times to avoid the last minute scramble.

5. Have on hand extra toiletry items to offer to those guests who may have forgotten something. I bring home the little shampoos etc from the hotel and keep them available for guests, as well as, travel size toothpaste.

6. I like to add a special welcoming touch when I have guests. So I always try to place something on thier bed for them to take home. It doesn't need to be anything big or expensive. I often use small candles or candybars. It's just a little way to make your guests feel special.

I realize that none of these are rocket science. However, they have helped me to keep on my toes when it comes to enteraining guests at a moments notice. Remember, that being prepared yourself you make your guests visit more comfortable and enjoyable as well.

I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions that you have on this subject!

Joanna LaVan is a child of the King, wife to her incredible husband, adoring aunt "nana" to her four favorite little people, and Pastor's wife to their Church people in Virginia. Her desire is to share with the world the wonderful reality of sins forgiven. In her spare time she enjoys Kayaking, reading, occasional scrapbooking, cleaning, blogging, and spending time with her wonderful family. She blogs about her life's happenings, and passions at .

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