Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Exciting Changes Around Here!

Although I've been taking a blogging vacation, I haven't forgotten about this blog entirely. No, Ma'am! I've been quite busy! I decided that I'm spreading myself a little too thin on some topics and the amount of time it takes to post every day. I have some other endeavors on which I have been spending some time as well, which you'll be hearing about later this week (when have I ever kept anything from you all?).


We are focusing in a bit on future topics to the main roles and relationships Christian women have. Although I might digress a bit occasionally, I promise we will be sticking to topic much better around here.

Before you roll your eyes and walk away, I will tell you why:

I have recruited two team members to keep me on track!
Yes, I will be introducing these two lovely ladies to you Wednesday and Thursday. I'll give you a hint...you've met them before because they've both done guest posts. However, I have interviewed each of them and you might just feel like you know them a bit better. If not this week, you will in the weeks to come because they will be regular weekly contributors here on Joy Ever After.

On Friday, we'll let you know the new format of posts for the fall season. We're excited to be working together and hope you'll stop by often to read, to ponder, to laugh, to cry and definitely to join the conversation! 

Blessings to all!

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