Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Final Announcement!

As some of you may know, I have finally bought my own little corner of the web and set up an official blog for my real food obsession interest. You are all breathing a sigh of relief that you will no longer have to hear the details of my latest findings and cooking experiments!

If, by chance, you would like to stay with me on my crazy real food ramblings, pop over and subscribe at I'd love to see some familiar faces!

I hope you will all forgive my ramblings for one more week because as I launch the blog over there next week, we will be doing a whole week of giveaways and that makes me a little over-excited!

I will be giving you updates on at least one of the giveaways here on Joy Ever After. The company is requiring I use an established blog to post the actual giveaway and I guess this is it!

So, just be warned, you may hear a bit about the new blog next week, but I promise we will get back to "regular programming" quickly.

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