Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make your HOUSE a HOME

In a day of technology and extra curricular activities that constantly bombard our homes, the idea of "family time" has swiftly gone by the wayside. Families no longer take the time to sit down to meals together or to sit around the kitchen table playing board games as a family. Everyone is busy doing their own routine, getting to sport practice, hanging out with friends...nearly everything but spending time with family.

However, I'm a firm believer in the "old-fashioned" idea of families spending time together. I grew up in a home environment where we did EVERYTHING together. We truly enjoyed spending time together doing things as a family! I have so many fond childhood memories of times spent together. In fact, we're STILL a close family even though we're all grown and separated by many miles.

Part of the fond memories I have are of times spent together playing board games. Yes, that's right...the good old board game! There are still a lot of good wholesome games out there to use as fun family entertainment without parking your kids in front of a screen. I thought I would give you some suggestions of good games that we have discovered and enjoy playing. Apples to Apples (Bible Edition) is one of my personal favorites. It also reinforces your child's (and yours) Bible knowledge while having fun!Buzz word, Bible Outburst (another one that reinforces Bible knowledge in a fun way), and Zobmondo Would You Rather? This one is for the older kids. Teenagers usually get into this one.

If you're in to card type games, here a some ideas for you: Dutch Blitz, Phase Ten, Skip Bo, and a new one we have just started playing called Ratuki! If you're looking for something with a little more action...try Cosmic Keep away! Very active and good for all ages! Lots and lots of fun for you and your family, while learning and spending time together in the process!

Now, go make your HOUSE ring with laughter and fun...making it a HOME...

Joanna LaVan is a child of the King, wife to her incredible husband, adoring aunt "nana" to her four favorite little people, and Pastor's wife to their Church people in Virginia. Her desire is to share with the world the wonderful reality of sins forgiven. In her spare time she enjoys Kayaking, reading, occasional scrapbooking, cleaning, blogging, and spending time with her wonderful family. She blogs about her life's happenings, and passions at .


  1. I've heard that "Apples to Apples" is a great game, and "Would You Rather" sounds fun, too. I might add these to our list of Christmas ideas!

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