Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Fun Fall Craft

One of my very favorite-est seasons is finally here! I love pretty much everything about fall. One thing I enjoy doing in the fall is taking photos of my children with those beautiful colors as a natural backdrop. There's a park not far from here that offers gorgeous scenery, especially in autumn, and we like to go there for our little photo shoots. 

Now, I have a great idea of how to display those photos: acorn frames! You can go here for instructions. These frames are simple, but so cute!  I'm going to try to find some frames at a thrift store or Dollar Tree and gather some acorns to do this craft with the kids. I'm thinking about gluing a fall print ribbon or artificial leaves on the frame to add some color...not sure about that yet. I like what they did with the burlap and leaf, but I think that using burlap for a background for a photo will look great, too. 

I know my kids will love making these! If you and your children make one of these frames, please take a  photo and share the link with us. We'd love to see how it turned out! 

Blessings to you, and Happy Fall!

Jessica Geise is a follower of Jesus Christ, the wife of an amazing husband, and the mother of four children who are the loves of her life. She is passionate about homeschooling, enjoys spending time with her family more than anything else,  would rather buy a new book than new clothes, is always starting on a diet, and thinks that chocolate is the next-best medicine to laughter. Other than reading, her favorite hobbies are music, decorating, blogging, and making attempts at photography. She blogs about this, that, and the other at www.itsthelittlethings4.blogspot.com.

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