Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making "Times" In Our Homeschool Day

Although a crisp, fresh schedule hanging on the fridge or bedroom wall makes my little heart go pitter pat; my kids don't always have the same reaction. Too much structure quickly makes their dedication fly out the window (or to their toys or some other distraction). So, instead of a long list, I divided our day up into "times". Here's a peek at the proposed order of our days this school year:

Morning Chore Time
 Breakfast Time
 Bible Time
Morning School Time
Lunch Time
Play Time
Afternoon School Time
Quiet Time
Afternoon Chore Time
Supper Time
Evening Time

As you can see, for every potentially not-so-fun "time", there is a fun "time" coming. My hope is that this keeps them motivated. For example, "If I finish my morning chores, I can eat breakfast." Or "If I finish all my afternoon school work, I will have quiet free time to do what I want."

With two "schoolers" and two little ones, I'm not going to try to put actual clock times with any of these except perhaps the rising and meal times. We'll just try to "go with the flow" until we reach my favorite time of all: Bed Time!

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