Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick, Easy, Healthy: Breads

When I was growing up, a meal was never complete without some kind of bread. I've since learned that we consume way too many carbs, but it is still nice to know how to make bread for my family at least as an occasional treat. Homemade bread does not seem to fit into quick, easy or healthy; but here are a few recipes to try if you've been intimidated by bread as I once was:

If you have 3 hours and a bread machine:
Amish White Bread
Quick because your hands-on time is less than 30 minutes. Easy because all you have to do is put ingredients in the bread pan. Healthy because you can use whole wheat flour and cut out that long list of unpronounceables on the label of store-bought bread.

If you have an hour (or less):
40 Minute Rolls

If you have 20 minutes:
Fluffy Biscuit Muffins
Sweet Cornbread Muffins

Note: I love sourdough bread and tried it once, but I found that feeding anything other than myself, a husband and four kids is a bit too much at this point in my life.

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