Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Modest: More Than Clothes

When we think of the word modest, we automatically think of our clothing, but really how we dress is only one small part of modesty. The word modest is used once in the King James Version, and is defined by Strong's Concordance as  "orderly, decorous". To be honest, I wasn't sure what decorous meant exactly, so I looked it up on
decorous: characterized by dignified propriety in conduct, manners, appearance, character, etc.
That covers a lot of ground! It has to do with our actions and who we are at our core as well as with our appearance. I'm sure we've all seen women in very modest apparel with attitudes that were flirtatious, complaining or characterized by some other undesirable character trait.

There is one other time in the King James Version where a word is used that has the same meaning as modest. It is in reference to the behavior of bishops and mentions nothing about their attire. So, be encouraged, the men aren't off the hook on this modesty thing!

My desire in encouraging us to live a life of modesty is to make sure every action is lined up with God's perfect will for us whether it be the action of dressing ourselves or of how we act.

Be encouraged today as you live a modest life before our Saviour!

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