Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Blessing of Twelve Years

Today is my husband's and my twelfth wedding anniversary. It has been wonderful and I wanted to let you know how I admire my husband. This was originally posted about a year ago as part of a challenge on Women Living Well.

I am posting it again for another challenge (see button below post). So here goes:

Strength that makes me feel more protected than any woman in the world. Gentleness that causes me to feel more cared for than any woman in the world. Wisdom that makes me feel more secure than any woman in the world. Masculinity that doesn't define him because he defines it. Devotion to his work that is only surpassed by his allegiance to his Lord and family. Firm control when confrontation is necessary and ability to recognize when it is not.

Watching him calm a child's fear in minutes, discern and heal a hurting child's heart, or lull an infant to sleep. The rough and tumbling way he fathers his sons. The way he treats us women in his life as his queen and princess.

How he takes the zigzagging tendencies of extremes in my spirituality and emotions and guides them to the straight path. How he takes the messes I make of life and creates new beginnings from them. His ability to make me laugh, to hold me when I cry, to love me fiercely, to lead me wisely.

Many young women have a profile of the type of man they want to marry, their own idea of "Mr. Right". My mind could never have created or dreamed of a man like the one I have been given. Admire is perhaps too simplistic of a term to describe how I feel about him. Some things just can't be adequately described in words.

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