Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Free 31 Days to Clean

In keeping with my goals of the year and the huge (read messy) remodeling project that has rendered me blogless (Is that a word?) once again this week....I just had to let you all know about this awesome deal Sarah Mae at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee is giving us. (Is that a run-on sentence?) Go here before midnight and get your own little downloadable (another word of dubious origin) copy of her new e-book, 31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way.

Just to be clear, yes, I did just finally break my unexplained bloggy silence of 3 days to tell you about this book I've been wanting for awhile so I can get it for free. However, if you go in the next hour, you can get it free, too. (Was that too many commas? Or should I say were there too many commas?)

I'm sure Sarah Mae has a better grasp of grammar than I do tonight. So, go check it out!

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