Friday, March 18, 2011

Math and Music

No, this isn't a homeschool post. This is about my learning....not my kids (or is it kids'... or maybe kid', I don't think that qualifies since I have 4....hmmm). ANYWAY....

It is commonly known in my family that I take after my dad (who is a pastor). We are both "word" people and math is "not our thing". It's not that we can't do it. It's just that it doesn't come as easily to us as it does to others. Nevertheless, like it or not, I have been adding (oh the puns possible in this post!) a lot of math to my life lately. Here are a few recent examples:

  1. How many hours has it been since this baby ate? Correct answer: Answers will vary. 
  2. How many times have I been awakened tonight? Correct answer: Too many. 
  3. How many times have I applied the baby's prescription eczema cream today? Correct answer: 2 (I hope!)
  4. How many times have I given the baby's medicine today? Correct answer: See number 3.
  5. How many drinks have I poured for my two-year-old today? Correct answer: See number 2.  
  6. How many therapy activities has my son done today? Correct answer: 120 minutes divided by the number of activities which is between 6 and 8 (yes, it confuses me, too!)
  7. How many science lessons am I behind with my daughter? Correct answer: 1, after cramming 3 in today
  8. How many hours until my husband gets home? Correct answer: See number 5.
  9. How many times have I exercised this week? Correct answer: Umm...where are the multiple choices?
Hey! I'm getting better than I used to be. This list is meant to be humorous. It is in no way a complaint of my duties, because truth be told I love my job 110% of the time. (Oops!)

I love songs declaring the truth of Scripture and that I believe it. Here are a few songs that have touched me recently. At least one of them is just part of the song, but a powerful part.

We Believe
No Apology
Statement of Faith

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  1. LOL Loved the "Math" list!!! ;0) You sure are a busy mom (and a good one too!), but I know you love every minute of it...well, most every minute... ;0) Love you!!